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Label: Club Family Records

Release date: 2013-04-09

Catalog number: CFR018

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Retina (Original Mix)
Adagio Sensus
Retina (Ahri Remix)
Adagio Sensus, Ahri
Retina (Max Rise Progressive Remix)
Max Rise, Adagio Sensus

This time we are welcoming to CFR experienced Russian musician, DJ and producer Adagio Sensus with his astonishing single ‘Retina’. Along with the original productions this release contains remixes by Ahri and Max Rise also from Russia.

Original Mix is produced in a classic manner and may remind you of the legendary Gaia. This one makes you goose bumps to the bones of your body, the real top notch trance! You may find here nicely mixed orchestra, vocal parts and piano.

Ahri Remix is made of more energetic and powerful progressive sound with slight uplifting bias. While keeping main melodies intact you may want to dance or simply listen to it.

Max Rise Progressive Remix finishes this release with a pleasant melodic progressive with a zest. You may hear amazing atmosphere mixed with a solid main lead at the breakdown that can bring you up.