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Love Again

Love Again

Label: Club Family Records

Release date: 2013-03-05

Catalog number: CFR013

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Love Again (Original Mix)
Love Again (Deep Dream Mix)
Love Again (Life Fusion Remix)
Air-T, ISTAR, Life Fusion

It’s still cold and windy outside but to warm us all up Ukrainian pioneers of trance music ISTAR & AIR-T have prepared a very warm and ‘tender’ single. ISTAR & AIR-T debut on Club Family with Love Again but being familiar to EDM scene for a while guys have produced really high-quality mixes. The release also features Deep Dream Mix by ISTAR & AIR-T and remix by Life Fusion.

The release opens up with original of Love Again. Amazing mix for easy listening but still is energetic enough to rock the club with its atmosphere pad synths. Polished mixing make the Love Again sound top-notch.

Deep Dream Mix is a reworked original by ISTAR & AIR-T. This one brings us tender and sensitive feelings with music. One may imagine warm sea breeze and sandy beaches of Balearic, reminds us of early Roger Shah.

Life Fusion Remix brings us progressive sounds. It is produced to be more club-ready but keeping the main theme and melody intact. Watch out, it can make you jump out and dance full of feelings and emotions.