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It’s All In Your Head

It’s All In Your Head

Label: Club Family Records

Release date: 2013-04-02

Catalog number: CFR017

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It's All In Your Head (Classic House Edit)
anDee, House Punks
It's All In Your Head (Smart Apes Remix)
anDee, House Punks, Smart Apes
It's All In Your Head (Smart Apes Robo Dub Mix)
anDee, House Punks, Smart Apes Robo Dub
It's All In Your Head (Smart Apes Radio Mix)
anDee, House Punks, Smart Apes Radio
It's All In Your Head (2Beaten Power Main Mix)
anDee, House Punks, 2Beaten Power Main
It's All In Your Head (DJ Ars Remix)
anDee, House Punks, DJ Ars
It's All In Your Head (VoltR Remix)
anDee, House Punks, VoltR

House Punks is a dance-provocation duet of Ukrainian artists MR.Sunny and Tagir Sultanov which have rapidly jumped in into a club scene of the country in 2011. Guys recommended themselves as a steady duet and have already performed on a majority of EDM festivals in Ukraine. House Punks have been successfully released on Avanti (Black Hole) and were supported by recognized DJs all over the world. Weeks at the top rankings in dance charts of the biggest European radio station Kiss FM Ukraine, as a result, earned for MR.Sunny and Tagir Sultanov’s project the titles of “Best producers” and “Best dance project” in 2011.
This time guys have teamed up to bring us a booming summer hit It’s All In Your Head featuring vocals by Kyiv-based singer Andee along with the not less hitting remixes by Smart Apes, DJ Ars, 2Beaten Power and VoltR.

Classic House Edit is an original production by House Punks with a topical and commercial sounding as it demanded these days. It’s even a bit of MTV style though unique style is kept and the mix would fit great into any club, open air event or just for your iPod.

Remix by the stars of Ukrainian EDM scene Smart Apes follows that features a non-cheesy progressive sounding which is made up of groovy, riding baseline and experimental but yet beautiful vocal chopping effect that hit the floor nicely. This mix is great for those who prefer harder stuff. Also, Smart Apes included Radio Edit as well as Dub Mix for every DJ set out there.

2Beaten Power Main Mix is a production of the legendary duet on Ukrainian EDM scene. You may hear at once that their originality and quality is well-kept and raise this remix to the standard. Recommended for iPod 🙂

DJ Ars Remix is produced by a young Ukrainian artist in a more calm but melodic way. The mix would be great for those who prefer not so noisy tracks for home listening but still being energetic enough to fit into DJ sets.

Finishes the release VoltR Remix by another young Ukrainian talent which is interesting by its solid and not similar to others production. With some sort of Dupstep incline at the same time being mixed with House sound.