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CFL014 :: Animation

CFL014 :: Animation

Label: Club Family Lifted

Release date: 2015-08-31

Catalog number: CFL014

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Animation (Ula Remix)
Alex Daf, Iversoon, Alpha Force, Ula
Animation (Sunflare Remix)
Alex Daf, Iversoon, Alpha Force, Sunflare

Guys who are already familiar to the trance community and Club Family Records label co-owners Iversoon & Alex Daf present a new release titled Animation. They have managed to get solid remixes on their collaboration work with a talented DJ and producer Alpha Force from Mexico. Alpha Force is known for his amazing single “Sunset & Alpha Force feat. Robin Vane – With You” which was out on Armin Van Buuren’s A State Of Trance sublabel of Armada Music.

So we have here remix works by creative producers Ula from Tunisia and Sunflare from Poland. In short, these guys were numerously featured on Armin’s most famous radio show A State Of Trance.

These Animation remixes deliver us long-awaited feelings along with terrific music dynamics at 138 BPM that one should not pass by.

Iversoon & Alex Daf:
Alpha Force: