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CFL016 :: Alifira

CFL016 :: Alifira

Label: Club Family Lifted

Release date: 2015-12-07

Catalog number: CFL016

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Alifira (Original Mix)
Alifira (Original Mix)
Swilow, Valery White

Are you missing for a wonderful melodic and at the same time uplifting trance? It is right about time to check out this release. We are happy to welcome a collaboration work by Swilow & Valery White titled Alifira. First release on CFR but we already look forward to hear their new productions.

Alifira comes out to be a sweet cocktail of sounds which definitely made a good impression on us. Amazing cellos on the breakdown and powerful bass line with atmospheric melodies on top at 138 BPM is what makes up this tune!